Solving an OSINT Quiz 2 (#OSINTDOJO)

Euler Neto
3 min readMay 4, 2021


Today I’ll write an article showing the steps that I took to solve an OSINT Quiz as part of the requirements to obtain the Ronin Level in #OSINTDojo. The Quiz that I will talk about is the following:

Like many problems involving images, doing a reverse image search we can see that one of the results is a reference to airports in Slovakia but other result is more precise: a photo of Stefanik Airport, located in this country.

Results of the reverse image search of the quiz photo

Now we need to validate the information that we got. Searching for photos about the airport, two of them called attention. The Photo 1 is an aerial view of the airport which is similar to the quiz photo but doesn’t show any mountains, but looking in Photo 2, which is a photo of the surface we can see the mountains in the background.

Photos of the airport

Because the Photo 2 was taken in the surface, looking to the mountains it seems that they are shorter than the ones in the quiz photo. Probably this photo is not from an airport in Slovakia but the geography is similar, so there’s a chance that is from an airport in some country near from Slovakia.

Looking in the airports in the other near countries, the Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia) is most similar due to the height of the mountains.

Ljubljana Airport. Bdx, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

With the mountains with these heights, the place is more similar to the quiz photo, so now we need to answer the question: where the roads lead to/come from?

Searching videos in Youtube related to Ljubljana Airport there are some videos about landing in the airport, which it seems interesting as the quiz photo is an aerial image. One of these videos is entitled Landing in Ljubljana Airport with Adria CRJ900 — june 2018 and called attention due to the fact that the date when it was filmed is close to the date mentioned in the quiz (October 2018). To my surprise, look what I found in 1:48:

Youtube video showing the place of the quiz photo

Knowing that this is the right place, now we need to answer about the roads. This road is showed in the video a moment before the airplane touches the runaway, so taking a look in the Google Maps for a road on the right of the airport we can see the fork.

Fork on the right side of the airport

Looking into the map we can see that road comes from Vodice and goes to Spodnji Brnik and if it turns to right goes to Lahvoce.

That’s it. Hope that these explanations contributed to give a direction to solve OSINT quizzes and any other challenge related to OSINT. See ya!



Euler Neto