Solving an OSINT Quiz (#OSINTDOJO)

Euler Neto
3 min readMar 16, 2021

I’m write today to show the steps that I took to solve an OSINT Quiz. The Quiz that I’ll talk about it’s the following:

McDonald’s has restaurants around the entire world and each city has many of them. I started looking for something that can give me a clue about the location but nothing seems to work. I even searched the trash can model but it was not helpful.

The trash can model didn’t work but next to them have a number, so I decided to search for this number I found the first useful information.

Duckduckgo result of the phone number in the Quiz photo

Now I know that this McDonald’s restaurant is located in Richmond, Canada (604 is the phone prefix to British Columbia, the region where Richmod is located). And I tought that it would be easy enought when I saw a McDonald’s restaurant in the Apple Maps.

But going into Google Maps to look at the photo of the location, I realized that it’s not look like the photo of the Quiz.

Photo of McDonald’s in Alexandra Rd

I decided to look for all the McDonald’s restaurants located in Richmond, CA and got the following result:

McDonald’s restaurants located in Richmond, CA

I had to look each one individually to see that the photo of the restaurant matches with the photo of the Quiz. So, finally, in one of the results I found the correct restaurant and with the Street View help I even found the location where the photo was taken. The Lat/Long of the correct restaurant is 49.161795,-123.1366696, with the following location the map:

Ok… now the next part is find Wifi SSID of the pictured restaurant. Looking into Wigle I found some SSIDS near the restaurant which have ‘mcdonalds’ in it name. Wigle returned 7 results and just one of them are close enought but it’s not inside the restaurant. This was the closer enought that I got.

SSIDs near the location which have ‘mcdonalds’ in it name
The closer to the location among the SSIDs above

This blog post is part of a series of challenges to obtain the Student Rank in OSINT Dojo. You can read more about here.